Sunday 23 August 2015

Orion Part One: Have We Been Lied to?

Wes Penre on Orion:

3. The Structure of the Orion Empire

If we do a quick google search on Orion Empire, we see there is a lot of negative information about Orion. It's hard to find anything positive at all on these "blood-thirsty, man-eating, shape-shifting Reptilians" who are fighting with other races to take over the control of Earth. It makes us shiver almost by just hearing the word 'Orion'. According to the Ra Material[11], the Aryans being the only star race in present time, able to occasionally penetrate the 'grid' that is surrounding Earth to keep negative ETs out, and that is inflicting with human business in a negative sense. The Ra collective is referring to the Aryans as negative density beings. Robert Morning Sky presented them as ruthless killing machines in his early work, but in his final 'Terra Papers', after he'd done some additional research, they became less monstrous and more or less presented as a warrior race which settled down and evolved into a more peaceful empire, specializing in business and trade. This is easier to endorse, because I have a hard time believing that this ancient star race is based upon mindless non-thinkers and violent man-eaters.

Still, how can Orion have gotten such a bad reputation? One would think there would be something good information about them, at least? Well, here is where I have to use the term 'anonymous, reliable source', or the reader will probably never know the truth. The amazingly bad reputation the Orion Empire has is mostly due to back-stabbing from the Patriarchal Regime (read the Sirian Overlords). Because when we think about it; if the Universe is feminine in nature and the Orion Empire, led by the Queen, is embracing the Divine Feminine, the Religion of the Mother Goddess, why would she and her people be so monstrous?

This is a Free Will Universe, and anyone can create as they please if they are ready to take the consequences -- even war. And it looks like war and conquest is a part of many star races' evolution, while they are still uncertain about their own survival as a species, and therefore need to expand their domains in not always a peaceful manner. However, in time they learn and start expanding by spiritual means instead and usually become more peaceful in the process. For some species it takes longer (again, read the Sirian Overlords), but others, rather sooner than later, 'get it!'

So also with the Aryan Reptilian race. They became a peaceful Empire long before mankind was even born. They still up to this day sometimes have to defend themselves against intruders of lower consciousness, but they always try peaceful means to show the intruders to the door before they use force. But they still have their MAKH Warriors, who have always been ferocious when comes to protect the Empire and the Queen (see Morning Sky's work for references to these terms).

In the far ancient past there was a conflict between the Sirians and the Aryans, which resulted in a short war (actually, just a few battles) and conflicts that were resolved, but then became an issue again. There was also a Galactic War raging at one point, but when that happened, the Aryans and the Sirians were in fact fighting side by side as joined forces, and not against each other.

These days, the Aryans don't conquer other star systems by force. Instead, when star races evolve in different star systems, they more often than not ask to become members of the Orion Empire because of its strength, its unity, peaceful nature, but also for trading benefits. The Orion Empire is perhaps the biggest Empire in business and trade in the Universe, if we are to refer to the size of the Empire, which is vast. It reaches far out from the star constellation of Orion, to other parts of the Galaxy, and further into other galaxies.

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