Monday 7 September 2015

Contact With Agartha Chapter 5. For Free Distribution.

As Contact With Agartha Chapter Five did not reach all readers, it is now downloadable here. Feel free to spread this particular chapter to anyone you want. Lots of info here. French version coming in a month or two.

Contact With Agartha Chapter Five


  1. Thank you Contact Point! I am loving it...

  2. Thanks for posting it just got done reading it such incredible material!

  3. Thanks all. Hope you enjoyed it... Did you like the songs??? Feel free to send it as an attachment to anyone you want, with our best wishes.

    That was only 10-15 percent of the backstory. So much more left to say, but that will have to wait a while.

    It's my intention that we "write" the next part of the timeline ourselves. The future is wide open.

    Oh BTW, the new movie, "Pan" coming out in October. That's all about the Air Cities...