Thursday 24 September 2015

New Financial "System" or Platform?

Systems imply top down control. 

Platforms stand for ground up liberation.

The new financial platforms will be crowdfunding or barter, all else is smoke and mirrors, to make the soul groups who are trying to set up the new platforms stand down and wait; sedated and baited. It is not about systems, it's about platforms. Any subterranean money will come straight through Paypal, Bitcoin, and Kickstarter once the embargo lifts. Do people think the subterraneans are dumb enough to give one penny to governments?

The AIIB is a crock:

Anyone arrogant enough to think they will get part of a trillion dollar hand out is just mentally ill.

We can't presume ANY help from subterraneans at all, period. We must work with what we've got up here, which is considerable, when you do the math: 

2-3 billion USD a day on ciggies, booze, and plastic crud. PER DAY. 3 billion in the Bitcoin economy. Hundreds of billions go to charities and tax write offs per year. 

I will never stop saying that til people wake up.

We have successfully fragmented the media, now we must do the same to finance. 

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