Thursday 24 September 2015

Why are people waiting for replicators on a planet that throws half of its food away?

Food replicators may have some limited uses in emergency situations, but...


  1. Excellent point !

    Bottled formula or breast milk ?

    Nourishment can be manufactured, but the missing components ~~ the vital energy which comes from living soil, the sun's rays, pure water, and the plant's prana ~~ the basic elements of nature ~~ FIRE, AIR, WATER, EARTH & ETHER, are lacking in food from a machine.

    Microwaved vs food cooked over a fire ~~ no comparison ! Not only in taste, but in nutrients & most importantly life force energy.

    Organic & local are best. For us, as well as for the Earth.

    What I have found is that most people don't place value on eating well. So the argument that the processed food industry puts out is bought by most consumers. We ''don't have time'' to eat well. Organic food is ''too expensive''.

    Eating well is the best health insurance that there is. Most of our maladies are caused, and can be cured, simply by using food as medicine.

    Another well kept secret, known by our ancestors.

  2. Well said, my thoughts exactly. Every dollar spent at the health food store saves 10 dollars at the doctors.

    If we really want to end hunger, we need large scale solar dehydration technology and better distribution. Then farmers can store their crop, and get it to consumers with less spoilage.

    Or we can sit around, then meekly form lines and queue up for replicators from the good aliens. lol.