Saturday 16 January 2016

Anya Love's New Blog

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I was surprised a few months ago, when Anya wrote a clause on our declaration of intent, stating that she wanted the skies to be free from chemtrails.... 

Chemtrails stopped over my island, and haven't been back in 4-5 months. 

Do we have powers we're not aware of?

It can't hurt to write down intentions. 


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  1. Thanks Contact Point !

    They've stopped here too, almost completely.

    And to update, today Venus is conjunct the Galactic Core, providing a powerhouse of energy to work with for the intentions we're working with on the blog post that you linked to.

    We're also having some fun with our New Earth Timeline, and have brought back the Church of Amor too, as prophesied by the Cathars before the Great Inquisition ended with the seige of Montségur in 1244.

    Here's another blog revival and link for the New Earth Timeline intentions:

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to work with timelines and intentions. It's a Blast :D