Wednesday 13 April 2016

Bitcoin War

There's a complicated interplay of currents going on in the 6 billion dollar BTC world right now. Too intricate to explain here. Googling Segregated Witness, Blockstream, Lightning Network and Block Size Limits 1MB will give anyone an overview of the sketchy forces at play. As someone who has dealt with manipulative and overbearing investors, I can easily see how someone with money + questionable intent can try and use BTC programmers for their own ends. Right now, it looks like BTC core developers could be being steered -by forces who have been proven to be related to the Bilderberg Group (See AXA Strategic Industries)- to *eventually* add centralization and fractional reserve characteristics to BTC. This would spell the end for Bitcoin. That end will never happen, but 'they' will try. 

Bitcoin, if managed right, could end up as a part of a decentralized fairer financial system. If it isn't developed correctly, it could just end up being another chain around our necks. 

The key is the end user, and how they end up voting with their wallet. 

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