Saturday 7 May 2016

The Timeline We Are Building

Thanks to all the farmers and photographers who made these inspiring pics and initiatives.  

Tim Smith found these two links:

"The Urban Farming Guys non profit (501c3) mission is to establish sustainable communities in the most difficult and overlooked places on earth. It begins with local food and water security, alternative energy, and local economic resilience. We are running hard to put the most innovative, accessible, low tech and reproducible solutions for self-sustaining community into the hands of everyday people from the inner-cities to the nations in a way that is caught and spread on a local level. Together we are beating a path for communities and villages to THRIVE in any economy. We are putting them to the test in the hostile environment of the inner city of Kansas City’s Lykins Neighborhood at our U.S. base of operations. Champions are being raised as we entrust these opportunities to our inner-city youth."


The following photos are from myriad projects:


  1. Yep glad I could help but hey what do we mere mortals know? I realize its not super secret special insider Intel regarding a financial reset, but hey I think I'll take my chances while building a positive organic timeline rather than relying on the sources of certain people.

  2. Last I heard it was "Soon" that the good aliens were going to land, and give out replicators to everyone. Is anyone else hearing "soon"? But I admit, like you Tim, I am not an ultra-elite intel-jockey with a direct line to insiders-in-the-know.

    By angering various elite power groups with my debunkings, I suspect I will be left off the list when the trillion dollar funds start to flow, and the true believers are rewarded with multi-billion dollar prosperity packages.


    1. Lol if only :D I suspect its not going to be that easy at least not yet anyway. Yep I dare say Im likely not on that list either what a shame to not be included on a non existent list with non existent funds to disbursed to lightworkers by people who are darkworkers that would sooner keep the money for themselves rather than help people.

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