Sunday 9 November 2014

Agarthan Resistance: Intro

Agarthan Resistance

Agarthan Resistance is run by a group of writers and volunteers who have had significant interaction with the subterranean civilization of Agartha. Their online work dates back to September 2009, and earned these writers a rare form of physical contact, which took place over a 4 1/2 year period from 2009-2013.

Early Drafts:

The South China + Indonesian groups that contacted them very rarely interact with outsiders, especially Europeans, because of significant historical mistrust. Western European colonial powers have been trying to gain access to Agartha for centuries. Colonial hotspots such as Hong Kong, Bali, and parts of Malaysia all sit on Agarthan nodes.

These writers were contacted because their writing had been calculated to have a significant positive effect on the future timeline of Earth. The simple looking articles caused an extreme reaction from both positive and negative factions. Death threats were issued, and physical attacks on the group took place from negative subterranean groups and their allies. Some members lost contact, and are considered passed away.

The writing, ignored by the alt media, caused a behind the scenes war. Why? Because benevolent groups claimed this writing could solve most of the pressing problems facing human society, and act as legal proof that humans could govern their own affairs without Draconian intervention.

Cobra has had a certain form of contact with Resistance groups. These writers have had social contact with concealed civilizations from Indonesia and South China. Cobra might confirm the key difference between The Agartha Network and The Resistance Movement at the right time. 

The Reunion

Some elements of Agarthan society are frustrated at surface dwellers inability to cooperate. Lack of self-leadership from topsiders is a major drag on liberation. We need to share skill sets and cooperate, or watch this conflict continue for years. The Universe is watching. The destiny of Earth's hidden civilizations is linked with ours, their freedom will not come until we claim our own.

The writing paves the way for the Reunion, when high technology civilizations will walk the Earth freely again, and share their wisdom and healing knowledge.

The strategic aim of this blog is to bring Agarthans and other hidden groups to topside safely, instead of bringing humans below. This is considered a far safer and more preferable outcome.

Breakthrough is the Beginning...

Readers are advised not to expect to be spoon fed freedom after the control grid disintegrates. After breakthrough, there is significant clean up work to do. Hidden civilisations will share some technology, but the majority of them believe the public domain contains all the the grassroots technology humans need to achieve full liberation. Forthcoming documents and conferences will make a compelling case for that viewpoint.

Current master list of grassroots drafts here:

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