Thursday 6 November 2014

The Six Doctors Technique

While we're living under an information blockade, it's hard to find credible health advice. We isolated six doctors who have excellent knowledge and large, free, online databases. Using a simple research technique, you can gain immediate access to excellent natural health wisdom. 

Check out this quick list of doctors:

Six Doctors for a Medical Revolution Free Microbook

Six Doctors Technique

Take the name of the complaint, and google it beside the name of all six doctors mentioned in the Six Doctors for a Medical Revolution microbook. Copy paste the information into one textfile, or pirate pad.

Starting with these doctors helps cut through the copypasted chinese whispers in the natural health scene. Within 10 minutes you can assemble a group of 8-10 outstanding articles or testimonials.  

Example: Arthritis


Linus Pauling Arthritis

Joanna Budwig Arthritis
Dr Richard Schulze Arthritis
Dr David Brownstein Arthritis
Dr Mark Sircus Arthritis
Dr Mercola Arthritis


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