Saturday 10 January 2015

Is there an Agarthan/Lemurian Healing Node in Tabanan, Bali?

Bali island is filled with hidden secrets. The Balinese retain a strong connection to their Lemurian heritage, even though the word Lemuria is never spoken aloud in public. Many groups and civilizations are drawn to the magnetic energy surrounding this part of Indonesia. Different places on the island resonate with specific soul families. Each location contains a hidden group with a different skill set. Visitors are drawn to places that resonate with their life journey or spiritual family. Indonesian secret societies claim Lemuria still exists, but is shielded from view by holographic technology.    

Tabanan is famous for healing. 

Local Balinese claim there are 'doctors who can access the hidden world' in the surrounding area. This does not mean witch doctors, but healers who are able to access secluded places that contain powerful healing devices that function on a level we can't fully understand. 

It may be possible to astral project or bilocate to Tabanan, and experience assistance on a soul level, which may carry forward into the physical. Instant, miraculous cures are rare. However, many people report increased energy, peace, calm and optimism, and upgrading healing intuition.

Bilocation for healing can all be done from the comfort of your living room or bed. It doesn't cost any money. You can project anywhere you want, but this example meditation focuses on Tabanan.

Suggested Technique 

- Search photos, poems or songs from the target area to try and get a vibrational lock on Tabanan, and the Agarthan / Lemurian healing center there.  

- Relax your body and mind. Maybe listen to the Gayatri mantra, an ancient sanskrit etheric technology that has a strong resonance with Bali. 

- Lie in bed, relax, and try and move your mind, soul to Tabanan, or any other place you feel guided to visit. Ride the breath and relax. Don't worry about success or failure, just connect.

- Once you feel a connection, set a strong, clear intention to be healed, and work with whatever impulse you feel there.

- Try and sink deeper into the healing experience. There's no limit to how powerful the healing can be.

- Look for sounds, ideas, images that might help you on your healing path. 

- Ask for guidance.

- Say thank you, and offer a song, poem, or kind word in return for the assistance.  

There are many other places on the planet that can perform this type of healing, but Bali is more open, and can be easier to access than other locations. As the veil thins, more of this information will come out. The secrets have been kept in silence for too long...


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