Wednesday 10 December 2014

Note to the Asian Dragons

Dear Dragon Societies,

Here at Agarthan Alliance we noticed you are interested in producing free energy devices:

"Otherwise, Dragon groups are still searching for sincere inventors without any personal agenda that have a working overunity prototype which can be immediately put into mass production and does NOT require additional funding. Those inventors can contact us at ."

Free energy is a useful goal, but we think Earth is facing even more urgent problems than electricity shortages:

- Water shortages.
- Natural medicine shortages.
- Food scarcity. 
- Electric light scarcity.
- Information scarcity.

Information, water, medicine, food and light famine are currently impacting more lives than electricity shortages. Free energy will come in it's own time. Until then, we offer multiple liberation projects that are sponsored and protected by the Agartha Network and other classified civilizations. Surface dwellers could start to take control of their lives for less than a dollar. 

We are looking for a group with the capacity to print multiple copies of a booklet called "Critical Mass." or "The White Book.". The intention of the booklet is to give guidance and hope to the general population. 

The booklet can be based on these essays:

Critical Mass is a list of medicines, water purification, finance and farming ideas that could kickstart an immediate renaissance across multiple fields. 

The book could be free, or can be sold at cost-of-printing price, and targets the commercial economic marketplace. 

Agarthan Sponsorship

The emissaries we met from the Agartha Network were convinced that these simple materials, if distributed enough among the surface population, could  have a drastic positive effect on Earths timeline. 

Pre-liberation, these essays provide immediate relief, and prove humans can govern themselves.

Post-liberation, the essays set a template for a high-tech agrarian society. The simple societal model acts as a buffer against power grabs from control hungry groups. 

These essays are free. If anyone can print these materials, please get in touch. 

We intend to:

1) Give the booklets away.
2) Sell them at cost price. 
3) Produce free information Mp3s
4) Produce short films and videos.

If you can help, please get in touch at

Thanks for reading!

Agarthan Alliance


  1. Free As Gaia Intended is a project aimed at growing an abundance of organic food locally for the People & all life forms, to heal Earth and allow humans to understand what it means to co-exist with Gaia’s eco-systems. This production will raise the life force of the planet and free people of scarcity fear. There should be no such thing as food scarcity anymore considering our advanced technologies that make growing food in abundance, even in harsh climates, very possible. You and I both know the reasons this is not put into action today however with the donations of the Resistance Movement’s investor, or any investor we can break the cycle and allow Gaia to thrive as intended.
    This project focuses on localizing agriculture by growing edible landscapes in a sustainable manner; as a result this will invite other ecosystems to live in abundance as they should for this is also their planet. I look around my home city and see many trees and bushes but with no food being produced and that does not make sense to me considering all of the humans and animals who don't have enough to eat here and food grows from the ground. This vision of a world where edible landscapes are in harmony with society rather than society overpowering the force of nature is possible. People shouldn’t have to rely on select farmers, or the hassle of buying or bartering. We shouldn’t even worry where to get food when organic food can be growing in every corner of the city from sidewalks, parks, rooftops, back yards and acres of land not built upon, to vertical towers that are exclusive to growing food and providing education.
    Not only does this project focus on agriculture, but education is just as important. Free As Gaia Intended (FAGI), is also passionate about educating the People so that they can be free of mental slavery. Unfortunately many people don’t know what it means to be sustainably organic, the importance of coexisting with nature to benefit all life, why this has never been done before, how they can be involved by growing food in their backyard or on their rooftops, and of course why having compassion for the ecosystems around them is a daily meditation that heals. Educating people of relevant terms is vital for personal involvement and the success of this project. I believe that deep down people want to know but lack of nutrition and other factors limit their motivation and what they consider to be their self worth.
    Everyone on this planet, even the animals, plants, dirt, rocks and air- are all worth it. Free As Gaia Intended is passionate about reminding all of Earth. This passion about giving the Earth back to Gaia and giving life access to the abundance of Gaia is just the beginning. Although everything we want to do is free from the resources the Earth provides, those suppressed resources have made this project desperate in the need of funding. With donations, communities, provinces or even a whole country could be the starting ground for a world-wide transformation. This will open the eyes of billions of people, giving them hope and freedom from fear of not having enough. Because there is enough—we just have to plant it.
    i understand that cobra gave a message stating that someone is willing to donate funds to an organization that 501 c 3 non profit and will help humanity.i am working on getting it recognized as a 501 c 3 nonprofit, I have never inteded for it to be anything else. this organization is just in its beginning stages. FAGI is truly a way to not only heal humanity but many other species on earth, even the atmosphere. i would like you to review this and perhaps send it to the oppropriate people. There are fee's to get it recognized and the donation would dramatically speed up this process. I would also love to hear your feedback.
    VICTORY OF THE LIGHT is near and i am honored to serve humanity with this project and many more.

    With love & light
    please email me at

    1. Thanks, we gave you some feedback on email. It was a quick mail because there's a lot work to do this week, but if you follow the recommendations I gave you, you may have more success.