Thursday 29 January 2015

How to Supercharge a Mantra

How to Supercharge a Mantra

                                                                 Battle Mage, by David Palumbo

Mantras carry more weight when intoned correctly. 

Modern energyworkers have forgotten some essential basics that increase positive outcomes when repeating these powerful formulas. Mindlessly repeating phrases with the mouth or the inner dialogue is a recipe for half baked, anaemic results. For true success, the entire physical body and soul must resonate with the vibration, intent, and emotion of the targeted result. 

The universe responds to the vibrational signature of the body and mind as it endlessly resonates its intent into the ether. In short: we are programming the world around us all the time. 

The key to powerful mantra results is making sure the intent drops down the central channel, down into the heart centre, then down into the solar plexus chakra, down into the central chakra, down into the kundalini, and through the feet deep into the Earth. The blood, breath, and cells of the body must be saturated with intent, and the knowledge that the intended result has already happened. 

"Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Mark 11:24

When the energy is grounded using these downward current techniques, the Earth receives the intent and responds to the healing, and the mass consciousness is moved. This planet has been starved of healing energies for thousands of years, and humans can help break the energetic blockade by becoming a bridge between heaven and Earth. This healing force comes both from beyond the veil, and deep inside the soul of humanity. 

Example mantras: 




The following ideas can increase potency:

Techniques for Supercharging Mantras

Intone them with others at an arranged time.

Intone them staring at a photograph of the target.

Intone them listening to powerful music.

Intone them while exercising.

Phrase them as a question: "Why did I get such a good job?" "Why did the arrests happen so smoothly?"


Deeper into Mantras

An even more powerful method is to intone these Mantras while deep within the inner planes. Relax, breath deeply, go inwards to the otherworldly vortex within the heart, the solar plexus, or any chakra you choose. Explore this inner world until you find a guide, a landscape, a city, another realm. Find a place to meditate and visualise, intone-breathe the mantra. Know that prayer on on the inner planes, in the internal paradise, resonates powerfully and directly into the outer world. 

We are starting to see positive results in the press, and on the world stage. If lightworker and lightwarrior groups keep up the pressure, we could deliver the knockout punch to the Cabal, and reach the public breakthrough phase. 

Violet Flame for Long Island + 432hz Gayatri Mantra by Untwine:

Remember to be creative and enjoy the process. Successful intention starts from inner joy and a feeling of ease. 

"The blood line cross between them (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), was the outside inside, turning inside out, of those blood lines, into a new container for the incarnation of OphanicTime LordAngelic Logoi family which conceived the plot in the first place. On the practical side, it meant emotions powerful enough to bend galaxies, would be born, here at the nexus." Dan Winter

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