Thursday 28 May 2015

Becoming the Lord of the Rings

We are all ring-bearers.

Why is it every one who has ever read or watched the Lord of the Rings was touched and moved in their very souls and hearts? Could it be because each character in it's own unique way resonates with some aspect of ourselves? We can relate to them all...for indeed they are all us at one point in time in our lives. We have all been possessed by the Ring, to varying degrees. We all feel its burden and a lot of us are on the journey to be free of it forever.

Tolkien's works can be seen to be speaking to many specific events that happened in the past and especially those that occurred in his lifetime (WW1 and WW2). But that is only because we have been going in a “ring” and history is always repeating itself so they can be applied to almost any dramatic event in our history or present. It is really one story that keeps repeating, and it goes back the original birth of illusion brought to this planet. Tolkien knew that until we learn our lessons, changed accordingly and got into the “spiral” of life, which transcends us and takes us to a new place of understanding that we were destined to make the same mistakes over and over again... Until we throw away the Ring.

A Brief History of the Earth

Many lifetimes ago, at the birth of our existence on this planet we marveled at the wonders and reveled in its majestic beauty, seeing the potential to exist in a 3d reality and experience life on the material plane. But it turned out to be a trap... a soul-trap.

There were those sent from Source to help guide us (Gandalf, Galadriel etc...) and we know them as the “ascended masters”. But disguised in this group was the Lord of Illusion (Sauron) and he got his opportunity to corrupt.

We were invaded. Invaded by the force of an anomaly in our universe. A force that paradoxically did not really exist... until we made it real. It is the force of darkness, of lies...of evil. It was the Lord of Illusion and it is not Real, and at the same time very real to us all. Just as on Earth we have the illusion of darkness we call night, this is true only from a certain perspective. The Sun never goes away! It only appears that way to us by our limited perception and the vantage point we are looking from. This is a world of polarity (male and female energies) but it was not a world of duality (good and evil, right and wrong, god and the devil and ego)... this was the illusion created by us under the manipulation of this entity.

Illusion (darkness, lies and evil) was birthed in our own hearts (the Fire of Mt. Doom) and that is the only place it can be unmade. The only power this entity ever had or has over us is the power we give it. It would be completely powerless without feeding off our energy... It is a parasite! Parasites cannot create only try to control, whereas Life (all of us) was given creative energy as its birthright. We mold creation (what appears as reality) with our focused attention and intention activated by our emotions, thoughts and our actions. Sauron had to manipulate others to do his bidding... and without corruptible minions to follow his suggestions he could never have had any affect on Middle Earth. And this is the same battle that has always been the source of all conflict on Earth and is the force responsible for the chaos to this day.

Tolkien understood this illusion and is evidenced by Galadriel's command to Sauron in the Hobbit.... “You have no power here, servant of Mordor. You are nameless. You are formless. Go back to the void from whence you came.” It worked for her and this command can work for all of us... if while standing in righteousness, in our full free will and sovereignty we rise above the possibility of manipulation becoming incorruptible and untouchable to all parasites! When we stand in Life and Love!

Eventually, men were left on their own because the vibration of the Earth was so low that this forced all the higher vibrational beings to leave and all we were left with are tales of their wisdom. But through raising our own vibrations, freeing ourselves from the Ring and connecting to Source it is revealed they never really left... it's just we could no longer hear them.

The Symbolism of the Ring

It is very easy, at first glance to see the Ring represents the greed of the material world. The need for possessions, for power... for control. It symbolizes the illusions that have been man's downfall throughout our history. But as we delve deeper into its meaning we start to see how Tolkien had such a firm grasp on the big picture. In electric universe theory, and in scared geometry and in the latest physics the Ring is an isolator of charge (life-force)... meaning it is a trap. The ring does not share energy. The Golden Mean Spiral, however, connects all Life in unity creating Oneness while never sacrificing uniqueness or individuality in divine harmonic balance.

On the material plane the “ring” is necessary. It creates the illusion of mass, of something solid out of waves of light (i.e. a table to write on, a chair to sit in etc...everything that is not Alive). On the opposite side, waves that are attracted into the fractal spiral form into Life, consciousness, self-awareness... all that is Real. Every living cell in our bodies, our DNA itself, all enzymes, the hydrogen molecule, every thing naturally found on the Earth, the Earth itself, the solar system and even the Universe follows this spiral, fractal pattern connecting us at all times to all Life. This is the only is a truth of love and oneness, everything else while may be necessary should be recognized for what it is.. illusion. In the human body, cells that do not “share”, that get out of the wave pattern of the spiral and start going in a circle... a ring, are cancer!

The archonic cyclical trap of karma is how we are soul-trapped in this reality. We all permissioned this along time ago and would not be here now if we did not sign a contract agreeing to its laws. But we can choose to break this contract... this cycle which has held us prisoners for thousands of years at any time. Forgiveness in our hearts (the Fire) is the key! It frees both ourselves and those who we feel have done us wrong at the same time, thus voiding the debt. When we have compassion for those who have hurt us knowing that they are just as misguided and trapped as we have been, and allow this all-inclusive harmony in our heart it creates implosion. The circle is broken and enters into the spiral, and we are free to move on. (This is also the case in forgiving yourself for any perceived wrong you have committed against another. And while their forgiveness to you is very healing, it is not necessary to settle your debt.)

The Possession of the Ring

Isn't it funny how the term for possession can mean holding onto something (not sharing) or being controlled by an evil force that overrides your own will. Basically, possession leads to possession when we allow an object (or anything not Real) to control us. It is not the way of Life, which always shares creating eternal, sustainable abundance. One at a time we fell in line, to the persuasive lie of the Ring. We all bought into the illusion... of separateness, of need and of control. And in so doing we surrendered our free will (the one and only thing we can truly have control of) to the Ring.

The Ring always gifts to its bearer some sort of special ability. For Gollum it was unnaturally long life and for Bilbo and Frodo it gave them invisibility. This is one of the tricks of the Ring, giving a false sense of power that makes it that much harder to give up. For some of us, it is the illusion of power money gives and the ability to control the world around us. And for others, it may give them a sense of superiority over his fellow man by using race, religion or social standing permitting ourselves to fall into judgment, hatred and division. The Ring knows our own individual weakness that are birthed in our very hearts and will use it to compromise our will to resist it at every turn. Know where your weakness lie.

The minions of the possessed are all around us and rule this planet today and will actively try to prevent us from reaching the top of Mt. Doom. There are some that are still redeemable (like Saruman, Grima Wormtounge and maybe even Gollum)... it is their choice. And others who have lost their soul entirely (the Orcs and Orakei and Ringwraiths). There was never any guilt in killing one of these creatures for although they started out as men, and elves who had been tortured and corrupted they were no longer considered Life. Beings like this exist on this planet today (some even engineered and “created” like golems) ... soul-less beings who can no longer connect with their own heart, and thus have lost connection to Source and all Life. It begs us all to have compassion and pity just as Bilbo and Frodo had for Gollum, for it is too hard for us to decipher nor is it our place to judge who is still redeemable. It should be understood that if the Truth of who we Are was known to all that would be the ultimate game-changer but in the meantime “rescuing” anyone is simply impossible.

Possessing the Ring is the source of all disharmony and it works just like everything does... from the inside out. It starts as the voice of duality in our minds, (most blatantly evidenced by the character of Gollum) the selfish separate-self that motivates us to act in ways that violate the Universal Laws that govern all Life. This makes sure that every interaction we have is flawed... creating disruptive chaos between ourselves and others. Which is why even if you intend to wield its power for good, the harvest of the tainted seed will always be poisoned.

The existence of the Ring on this planet will always make conflict, that's just what it does. So we will continue to see war and violence all around us until the Ring is destroyed. Keep in mind that in LOTR all battles against Sauron and his minions were fought only defensively, (with the exception of the last encounter which was for the purpose of distraction). And no war ever had to be fought if the Ring had been able to be destroyed. All Frodo had to do was let go of the Ring into the fire and the illusion fell... the spell was broken.

The Fellowship of the Ring
Indeed every attempt at coming together to overcome the Ring is doomed to failure if just one member of that party is still captivated by the Ring. Boromir provided the example of what happens when the inner struggle becomes an outer struggle by acting on his temptations to possess the Ring. That is why it is so difficult to unify (even those who start with highest intentions) into a single force for change on this planet. But the attempt is not in vain. We evolve with every experience when we look inward and see how we, ourselves have contributed to the crumbling of the fellowship. When and only when we have individually cast away the Ring can we as a group take on the minions of illusion together without the experience being corrupted, overridden, fractured and divided. There is one battle on this planet... always has been...the battle against Illusion.

Become the Lord of the Rings

It is easy to believe Tolkien was taking about Sauron being “The Lord of the Rings”, but it turns out it was Frodo, and Sam, and Aragorn, and Galadriel, and Gandalf...and all those who resisted the Ring's temptations who were indeed its Master. Just as you will be when you cast the Ring into the fire of heart... into the same fire it was created in... and let it go back to the All with all the forgiveness and love that burns in your heart.

The unsung hero of this story is Sam! And reminds us of the duty we have to one another to wake each other from “possession”, to help “share the load” and even carry each other when it seems we can't go on. We are all on our quest up the steep mountainside... which leads to the fire of our own hearts. The moment will come when we have to make the decision to cast away all illusion (which of all possessions is the trickiest thing to let go of). All false belief systems, all socialized programming even our egos and identities must be surrendered. But when we can bravely let go it is the greatest benefit to ourselves and at the same time to all humankind. It is the hardest and most noble thing all of us will ever have to do... and must be accomplished individually as well as collectively if we are to escape the trap of the Ring and transcend into the spiral of Life.

A side note about Tolkien:

A lot the sci-fi/ fantasy stories of our time contain fragments of truth, bits and pieces of disclosure about the nature of reality and the Truth of who we Are (Star Wars, the Matrix, Dune...just to name a few). But Tolkien got the big picture whether he even knew it or not. Maybe it can only be understood today as the full picture starts to come into focus. The LOTR is the perfect balance of right and left brain (harmonic inclusiveness). The linguistic and history side might have kept Tolkien's masterful left brain so occupied that the right brain was free to wander unchecked and imagine this wondrous tale that captivates all of our hearts. And maybe, just maybe while sitting, writing out in nature under the large trees, he was able to hear them whispering the stories of our past, which is also the story of our present. I love this story... and thank you J.R.R. Tolkien!

I know all of us have different interpretations of this story and what it means to each of us. Please share your own thoughts and experiences.


  1. This essay was written by Red Pill Oracle. It is by far one of the most significant pieces of writing I have read on the internet. It deals with true human inner technology, not external gadgets.

    I hope it helps someone out there...

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this , it has helped me understand some things that have been fooling me, but the illusions are coming down slowly but surely , step by step we are shattering this veil...

  3. Thanks Damour! I know exactly what you mean. It seems the more I look, I realize the truth has always been hiding in plain sight. Its always there when we're ready to see and understand more little bits at a time.