Sunday 12 July 2015

Introduction to The Resistance Movement of Middle Earth

Are you ready to use your skills and the Truth of who you Are to contribute to the Liberation of Earth?

To gather and share info to create powerful forward momentum towards a peaceful resolution to benefit all of humanity?

While all at the same time evolving you own spiritual and inner growth?
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The Quest to Reclaim Middle Earth

We, as humanity, owe our gratitude to the greater Resistance Movement.  To those from "Above" and "Below" who have been tirelessly working on our behalf.  We say thank you to our brothers and sisters for their contributions!  We are here in "Middle Earth".  We, the surface population of humanity not only reside in the middle "space", but also on the middle timeline.  Which from our perspective always keeps us centered in the Here and in the Now!

But we do not have to sit idly by waiting for scraps of intel and patiently wait for progress reports.  We can take a more active, responsible role in the liberation of Earth.

There are many of us, who make concerted efforts on a daily basis, doing what we can as individuals, but in addition to those worthy causes, we can also join collectively to use our Bio-Technology (our DNA skin-suits) to create a unique advantage for humanity's liberation.

We ARE the Key!

Maybe mankind could use some help every now and then, but we do not need saving.  We never have.  We have always had the ability to reclaim our power both individually and collectively. 

 We are multi-dimensional beings, capable of breaking the light barrier with a single thought or feeling.  We are under the illusion we are "stuck" here, but the truth is we have the freedom  to "travel" at will.  The only problem is we to be suffering from amnesia. 
We have always held the key. It is time we use it! 

The only limitation we face is not ReMembering who we ARE and what we are capable of!  We get to take on this quest as a way to reconnect with ourselves AND use that connection to benefit all of humanity.

The only qualifications you must have to be a contributing member of the RM of ME is to activate your skills as a traveler (bilocator) and have an open, willing and loving heart.  Your skills may be dormant and may take some practice, deep inward reflection and patience... But they are there at your disposal.

There is a lot of free information on this site alone to start perfecting your skills and assist you on the inward journey it will take to activate them completely.

It is our honor and duty to support you in this and is our free service to humanity.  In possibly helping awaken the spark of ReMeberance in YOU, it is a great benefit to us... the more awake people the better this world starts to feel.

 We Believe in Humanity!

The Missions

Our main priority and focus will always be on Healing.  Healing the Earth and humanity and moving obstacles that are currently in our way.  In "traveling" to  certain locations, performing a healing always sets things back to a state of natural balance and Love.  This ensures we can never "do harm".

Sometimes, we will travel off-planet, sometimes under the oceans.  We are not limited... and we don't need to sit on a crowded plane, go though customs and have our passports checked everytime we want to meet with one another around the globe.  We have a massive impact on the morphic field everytime we "get together", every time we travel we put a crack in the matrix.

It is one of our goals to unlock the Control Rooms of Earth, and to negotiate a peaceful resolution to Earth's quarantine status.  To facilitate disclosures of who we are, our history and the nature of this reality... including many other objectives.  We will be responsible for gathering information that will be useful in the physical plane, and will help assist the ongoing missions.

Of course, all "changes" we make in the etheric planes will also have to be made in the physical plane as well eventually.  We are simply building the momentum and clearing the path to making that possible sooner rather than later.... and easier rather than difficult.  We want prove and empower humanity in their own power of creation.  Once this is realized we can create a free, abundant world collectively.

Part II

Each voice adds to the harmony of the choir!

After completing each mission, we ask, if you have time, that you document your experience.  Post in the comment section for that mission what you saw, felt and learned.  You can also post a link to a video of yourself and your account of the mission.

Documenting this is beneficial in many ways.  We are archiving this for an awakening humanity and proving our capability as powerful creators and infinite beings of Love (and thus reminding others they are too).  Also, we are showing that each individual perspective in valuable, deserves to be heard and contributes uniquely to the whole.  We will demonstrate that we can work together as a team while still never sacrificing individuality.  And very importantly, your feedback has dramatic effect on deciding upcoming missions and the next step to take.  This will light the path to allow our overall mission to adapt and evolve continuously. 

We do not follow any set doctrine or teaching.  We recognize that we are all students as well as teachers and that sharing our experiences can have a positive impact.  The only thing we follow is the example Life itself provides... As a way to break free from all programming, all fears, all illusions and limitations by embracing and ReMembering who we ARE and using that truth to benefit humanity... In Love, Harmony and Equality for All.  And we ask that if you have faith in anything, have faith in yourself!

Learn To Bilocate First

We do, however, ask that you feel confident in your skills as a traveler before actively participating and that you are always in a state of Love before joining any mission.  You and you alone are responsible for your "safety" on any given mission, and it is a very good idea to familiarize yourself with and practice all information on this site (especially pertaining to traveling "bilocating") before attempting to join.  I highly recommend "Bilocation Guide" and "Waking in the Dream" from the Article page, as well as doing your own research and following your heart's inner guidance.

There are certain "Protocols" we ourselves set in place a long time ago as fail-safes to guide us on the path back to Unity.  To ensure the outcome of the drama on Earth could only be ended once we individually and collectively acted upon certain realizations.  Please take time to familiarize yourself with these in the Article section under "Declaring Independence".  These are the things that must be done in order for us to fully claim our KEY.

Once you have joined you will be contacted by email with the specifics of each mission as they arise.  We will also post each mission here.  Sometimes dates and locations will not be disclosed in the mission overview, but will be kept private to members only, sometimes we will be asking for everyone to join in...

Why are we setting dates and times?

We set times for the following reasons... 

First, it is sometimes a good idea to take advantage of certain energies. Secondly, we want to demonstrate we can all come together in unity as a team with a common goal... That being said, it should also be understood that we are timeless, infinite beings... our consciousness free to travel anywhere and anytime. We are not bound by any rules or limitations. So if you ever cannot make it an exact time (we all have lives, families and schedules and that should take precedence) you can go on the mission when it is more convenient for you. Just call on the Group and we will be there at your side supporting you. It part of the incredible beings that we are that this is possible.

What's in a name? No one person has a copyright on the idea of Resistance. Click on this link to read more about why we chose the name Resistance Movement of Middle Earth...  Meaning of the name RM of ME

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