Saturday 11 July 2015

The Ruiner and Bradley on The Changeover


There are approximately nine of them! They are Human!

[The Ruiner's] personal “mentor” is one of the Elders! This particular being…, who looks just like you and me…, is, according to “Harry”…, over 150,000 years old!

He was here before ATLANTIS (the ship) got here…, and has been living on the Earth ever since.

(Yes…, I know it sounds crazy…, but let’s move on)

It was the Elders who “made the deal” with the Dracos about 26,000 years ago.

They STRONGLY ADVISED against the deal…, and were heart broken when humanity over ruled their advice.

When I asked are THE ELDERS the same as THE PARENTS…, he said NO!

The parents are the ones that were chosen by the Draco about 13,000 years ago to lead the Covens and the Illuminati. The oldest of those is approximately 13,000 years old only.

The ELDERS are sort of like “OBSERVERS OF HISTORY” in that they are simply here to watch the unfolding process of humanities growth and their choices. They are/were here to advise…, but not to interfere!

Once humanity made the deal with the Draco…, the ball was taken out of their court!

The Elders are NOT any sort of “ascended masters” and are not using Channellers to communicate to humanity! They are physical humans and are OBSERVERS!

Interestingly…, the Draco (apparently) have a tremendous amount of respect for the Elders…, and treat them quite well!


The Draco do NOT have any respect for anyone who will not stand up to them.

They see most humans as whiny, and spineless cowards, who grovel and snivel and the first sign of trouble…, and could not find their way out of paper bag!

They “respect” the Elders since it was they who advised against their deal…, and were able to see through their “plans”. Those who stand up FOR THEMSELVES, and say “NO” to them…, earn their respect.

They treat the Elders as Equals.

“Harry” says that the Elders are “invited” to many of the important planning meetings held by the Draco, so they are kept informed of what is going on here.

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