Saturday 11 July 2015

Red Pill Oracle on Amenti

From an email:

Amenti is the hall of records and also the "hall of justice". It is the Heart of Earth and is completely neutral. Earth herself would moderate any proceedings.

Having tribunals there is a route we could take. However, we are being presented with the option for peace negotiations. It is my opinion we should explore this path fully first. It leads to the "optimum timeline", the one we all intended upon entering the dream. Where we all wake up in the dream, realize ourselves, take responsibility for our part in this co-creation, and forgive each other.... This is also the shortest path and where I cast my vote.

But we have free will in the dream, and we can choose many routes... All lead back to Source eventually, but some are longer and harder. The tribunal route is probably the most likely right now, because of where the majority of people are resonating. We will still have a lot of work to do and a whole lot of waking up.

There are "those" here on Earth who have committed great crimes, but most of the highest offenders are not not real. They are fragments of parasitic, illusory entities (of which there are 9, maybe 10) There are thousands of them in body on Earth. these "people" will have to leave no matter what... To the central Sun. They are soulless, and not of Life. And of course there are those, even real people who will not choose life because they have lost too much of their soul. But even when we love them, we break the spell.

I really want to try everything possible to resolve this with peace and love. The more we can present this as an option the better. We are going to Tara tonight and Amenti next Sat. We have a group of nine already, really hope you will join with us.

I have been reworking the article and should have something ready in the next few days. I've already written a piece about "the protocols" we set for our own awakening, and a lot of other supportive info.

Earth is ready to moderate, and we will be heard. I guess it's just up to us to cast our votes. But, if we want them to show up for negotiations they have to know we will not string them up and start holding court... This us just a first step.


Check out these two excellent PDFs:

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