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Proof that Neil Keenan, David Wilcock, Drake Bailey and Thomas Williams are Working with The "Illuminati" to Impose a One World Clandestine Banking Dictatorship.

Vladimir Ilich Lenin
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

(Malik Hughes, April 2013:) ... "Vladimir Putin, we're working with Vladimir Putin. Uhh, we're working with the new premier of China [.... ] President of Obama is a dear friend of ours, he's been..... he needs some money. So what we're doing now is... we're all working together, to...... uhh.... since we are the ones with the legal claim to the collateral accounts. And now we own China, because we are in a position of power, meaning the Prime Minister is our family...."

The Power Behind Wilcock, Drake Bailey, Neil Keenan and Thomas Williams

(EDIT: May 2016: Looks like Thomas may have woken up and jumped ship.)

Controlled Opposition

Neil Keenan, Drake Bailey, and Thomas Williams, introduced to the world by David Wilcock, are claiming to be a grassroots, down to Earth group​ trying to free humanity and usher in an age of peace and prosperity. Hmmmmmmm..... Are they being manipulated? Who's pulling the strings?​ 

We present  solid proof that this "people-power" "anti-illuminati" movement is actually sponsored, run, and directed by an admitted illuminati member, who claims to be an off-worlder co-operating with the owners of the Earth. 

                                         "[1:20:28 PM] malik hughes [Neil Keenan's contact]: I am from rizq"

Hidden In Plain View

In a little known video interview from spring 2013, Malik Hughes, a collaborator of Neil Keenan, lays out the whole takeover agenda. In this case, we are talking about an attempt to set up a centralized, clandestine banking dictatorship

It is part of "The Rules" that their initiative has to be laid out in the open. 

If humans do not protest, we agree to their plan by tacit consent. 

Are Keenan and Malik Hughes Intending to Fund Obama?

Drake pretends to hate Obama. In reality, Malik Hughes, a key ally of the Keenan fraud describes Obama as a "Dear Friend." One of their first plans, if they ever succeed in getting hold of the gold, is to fund Obama:

The proof is in this video:

Direct Quotes from the Malik Hughes video:

Malik Hughes Calls For a New World Order:

20:44 Malik Hughes. "We do need a New World Order, one hundred percent, its coming whether anyone likes it or not, because it was designed by the stars."


49: 30 Malik Hughes: "We believe in a one world government ruled by the people." 

(Typical globalist double-talk)


10:16: Malik Hughes. One World Government with American, Chinese and Russian armies. (The ARC)



A banking shell game:

"We're going to put in a new team of people, in those banks, who have a little bit more merit, that we can watch."....[ ] We'll put up 100 trillion in collateral so we can issue new credit. 

NOTE: Bear in mind that these claims were made in 2013, so they are unlikely to come true.

On Heather Tucci Jarraff: You don't understand how powerful Heather is, and you people don't understand who she really is. [ ] She owns you.

More on Heather:

"She's a wizard."

Spinning the Illuminati as positive:


Plan to take over Humanities Debt:

"Call us, cos we own their debt, it's ours"


Silently working behind the scenes, no public accountability:

"We don't mind doing it silently, and they'll be getting the credit for it."

There are more red flag phrases in the video...

Earth's Economy in 50 years: Centralized Banking or Decentralized Crowdfinance?

Do we want Earth's finances to be adminstrated by a small group of bankers, who pretend to be from another planet, who believe Earth is owned by extra-terrestrials, who repeatedly give false dates and information? Do readers consent to being ruled by a private cartel of liars? Do Earth's assets belong to the people of Earth, or the "Qing Dynasty?"

Whatever you think of the video, it is becoming obvious to all but a hardcore of stragglers, that Keenan and co will never get their hands on the gold reserves. Neil's latest update is here, judge for yourselves if he's competent to run the world's finances:

Neil Keenan July 2015

Neil Keenan March 2015


Here is Neil being debunked by Jean Haines:

How Drake, Keenan, Wilcock and co Will Try and Spin This

They might try the following:

- "It's been a long time since we've talked with Malik."
- "These claims were taken out of context." 
- "David Wilcock was tricked a long time ago."


Just remember, when they pretend to be a grassrootsy, mom and pop shoestring movement, they may be useful propagandists.... We hope they wake up. 

Wilcock publicly distanced himself from the Keenan lawsuit in 2012-2013, but still continued to quietly support Neil in his DWilcock comments on Benjamin Fulford's blog, in November 2014:

dwilock: "The Global Collateral Accounts are absolutely real… The Italy case was also very significant, because bonds that looked exactly like what Neil sent photographs of were seized at the border and taken very seriously…

“What has happened with Neil does not follow the pattern of a con artist looking to scam people. I have interacted with him dozens of times in private conversation. Never once did he ask me for a single dollar. Nor has he created any type of storyline for his audience, saying that if you send him money you will profit from the defeat of the Cabal later on.

“Neil has not responded yet to Jean’s accusations… Jean has fought valiantly for truth and justice, as has Neil.

“It does appear that Neil is working on some very, very big stuff, and this is the main reason why he has gone silent for the time being.

“I had another dream this morning, which I haven’t even finished writing up yet, suggesting the Cabal is nearing an epic defeat… I have much more to share in the coming days."


Why Worry About a Two Year Old Video?

If you listen to the latest updates, the fake fight for the collateral accounts is still on. While it is impossible that these pretenders will succeed, the shadowy power between the fake grassroots movement still has enough political weight to *delay* the political liberation process and the evolution of Earth. If we do not act to voice our dissent, the legal process will continue unchallenged. If you are wondering why the freedom process is taking so long, one of the reasons are fraudulent claims to banking power from numerous dark groups. All of them think they have a claim to control Earth, none of them do. 

Further Reading

Keenan Working For the Cabal?:

Neil Keenan Linked to NSA:

Goldwater Report Expose on Keenan. (Read the comments as well)


The link between Malik Hughes and Neil Keenan:

"How did OPPT first get the idea they might access the Accounts?  One contact was with Mr. Malik Hughes, a key ally of Mr. Keenan’s with the Qing Dynasty office, who informed us that OPPT reached out to him to try to determine if they could reach the mysterious “Madam Wu.”  The real Madam Wu is dead.  The phony one (a mid-level bank functionary in China) has had to deeply apologize to the Empress several times for presumption, in hopes of avoiding retribution."

Malik Hughes also believes he is from another planet, and that Earth is owned by extra-terrestrials. Is this true? Who knows? But someone like that should not be making trillion dollar decisions. 

"Malik Hughes in a conversation with Heather made this startling admission:" 

[12:06:23 PM] malik hughes: Dark energy is the key
[12:06:35 PM] malik hughes: Embracing that which we are made of
[12:06:44 PM] malik hughes: Smiley we made contact
[12:07:36 PM] malik hughes: The Indonesian "royals" don't own asset,  they are gatekeepers
[12:09:48 PM] malik hughes: Gold DNA goes to Qing
[12:12:36 PM] malik hughes: Do you know of the star gates (Smiley)
[12:13:49 PM] malik hughes: ???
[12:14:04 PM] malik hughes: Or the Rizq Treaty
[12:14:06 PM] malik hughes: Lol
[12:14:09 PM] malik hughes: (Winking)
[12:14:36 PM] malik hughes: Or the 7 cities of Oro?
[12:14:58 PM] malik hughes: We are the keepers of the forbidden cities
[1:14:29 PM] Jarrafusa: Malik, how many work through your embodiment?  I see at least four...
[1:14:39 PM] Jarrafusa: (Heart)
[1:14:48 PM] malik hughes: It's not mine
[1:14:52 PM] malik hughes: It's theirs
[1:15:03 PM] malik hughes: Everyone and thing on earth
[1:15:09 PM] malik hughes: We are the origin
[1:15:15 PM] malik hughes: The start
[1:15:21 PM] malik hughes: (Heart)
[1:16:04 PM] malik hughes: We have world constitution signed by 70 mm Winking
[1:16:17 PM] malik hughes: Each one has the duty to help another
[1:16:26 PM] malik hughes: Virus can spread so can love
[1:16:37 PM] malik hughes: We ALL have a mandate


Petitioning the Agartha Network to Void Fraudulent Claims

Dear David Wilcock, Neil Keenan, Drake Bailey and Thomas Williams,

We have just proven that you are collaborating with shadowy interests. You have issued dozens of false alarms and fake timeframes in the past 40 months.

We request that you put all further updates in *writing*. No one has the time to listen to your 3 hour audio updates or follow Facebook posts.

Voiding Your Claims

We have recommended to the Agartha Network and allies that your claims to any large funds, and your claim to be working on behalf of the people, be hereby voided. We also ask that the claims of all groups coveting the collateral accounts be voided. We are petitioning all groups involved in this conflict, including Agartha,  that you be sidelined, blocked, and prevented from continuing using all available means.

We will also be contacting law enforcement agencies in your respective hometowns if this attempted fraud continues. Legal documents are being drawn up.

If you wish to discuss or challenge this letter please do so *openly* (in writing) at agarthanalliance.blogspot.com, or contactwithagartha@gmail.com

What is the Agartha Network?

If readers, understandably, believe the Agartha claim to be bogus, let me remind them that under commercial law, a 'commoner' is the highest law. See the work of Winston Shrout and www.lawfulrebellion.org. Any human can void claims and petition outside help. From the way things are panning out, it looks like that has already been done.

So let me remind readers that the Agartha claim is immaterial, and we can all void claims due to our natural sovereign status as humans.


Who are the "royals", the "Empress", and Qing Dynasty that Drake and Neil Keenan claim to be in contact with?

Do they, for example, claim ownership, superiority or authority over myself, my family, or anyone in the country of the United Kingdom? What evidence do you have to back up this claim? I believe that all human beings are spiritual sovereigns, and no one is better than anyone else.

The size of the funds you are talking about are too big to be in the hands of any one group. Centralizing power in that way could be disastrous.

Please reply within 72 hours, and note clearly that ALL emails will be made public, both from our side and yours. Everything you write to this address will be seen by thousands of people.

Any threats, or attempts at bullying will be immediately forwarded to law enforcement agencies in multiple countries. 


Contact/Daozen. c/o The Agartha Network and Allies.

Threats from Keenan Collaborators, and More Evidence 

A Comment left by Naidu . . . ~J

A Comment left here by Naidu – Just the man to run an International Court of Justice, a Tribunal, yes? 
JEAN HAINES: My Marshals have an Arrest Warrant for you and Ellen Gonzalez.. Dont worry, you will be treated well. BUT, when you cannot prove your stupidity in believing lies, you will regret having known me. This is a good time to make a police report, you wretch. Maybe call the FBI and see for yourself the wrath of truth and justice. Typical retard you are! DARE NOT post my comment, eh !!! Get a life, you ungrateful wretch !!!. 


Michael Dunn admits Keenan stole 300,000 from Jean Haines:

This is Michael Henry Dunn.  Neil Keenan is no saint, but this wasn't a scam.  This reads like a typical cabal b.s. smear job.  I was there.  Jean Haines knows very well where most of that $300,000 went.  It went to pay hotel bills and other expenses in Jakarta over a two year period in which Neil was trying any way he could think of to free his friend Nelu, so he could go back to work on securing the Global Accounts.  If this was a scam, it was the stupidest in history.  Hanging out in hot, smelly prison waiting rooms, and corrupt courtrooms - as I did with Neil for week after week - is a pretty stupid way to spend "scam" money.  Neil spend most of his savings on this.  Jean stood to profit directly if the Accounts were secured.  I personally took part in numerous conversation with Jean and Neil in which she referenced the large spiritual center she would run which Neil had promised to bankroll out of the humanitarian programs.  She knows damn well this wasnt' an "elegant scam." 

 So Neil had a cocaine possession in the early 80's and then sued the government a few times.  Did anybody think he was a saint?  I wrote an article in which I stated that Neil had "family" connections back in Rhode Island, and "company" connections in the intelligence community - a tough guy doing a rough streetwise attempt at a ridiculously heroic task.  His main problem is that he's a street tough, not a leader, and should have worked to assemble the global coalition under international law needed to actually secure the Accounts.  Beware this kind of cheap smear campaign. Jean should be ashamed of herself.  OK, so Neil didn't pay her back when some notes got freed up.  It's probably because he's got debts to pay with people even meaner than Jean. Just my guess.  But I'm not guessing about what went down in Jakarta or where Jean's money went.  It went to the effort to free up the Accounts.  It didn't work. That's life.  Meanwhile, there's still the actual bad guys out there, and this b.s. report has their fingerprints all over it.


  1. Pleasure. Hope it wasn't too long...

  2. Malak Hughes here pardon me I have been busy. All questions can be asked direct. Thank you

  3. Thanks for stopping by Malak. I'm interested in the Rizq connection. Can you confirm that?

    I have no personal issue with you, but I see no reason why humanity should have to endure more secret, centralized, clandestine banking from an elite that claims to own the world's gold reserves, which appears to be the model that you lay out in your interview. I believe humanity has equal rights to that gold.

    This article was written a while ago, we have made our petition to Agartha already. There's nothing particular to ask.

    We believe crowdfunding is the best, most egalitarian way to power Earth's economy. Humans deserve to run their own economy, without any claims of off-world, or Royal ownership. It's time to evolve beyond that.

    Best Wishes,

    Contact Point/Daozen...

  4. The golden dragons, the ARC forming. The time is now short.