Monday 3 August 2015

Sent to a coder regarding Microflow

Hi ______ etc.

Thanks for writing to me and offering assistance. I will write some ideas down so you have a guide to see if you want to help with anything. 

In short: Microflow is Kickstarter for micro amounts, 100USD and below. 


The aim is to create an organic timeline, with no centralized banking.  


Action Plan. 

This is what I will be doing:

Step One

Buy - How much would it cost to buy that domain?

Question: How much do you think Kickstarter's monthly bandwidth bills are? I have no idea. 


Step Two

Build a very basic front page and link to the FAQ etc. Microflow should be ultraminimal, and ultrasimple, so that a 12 year old could use it. We will integrate with other sites and widgets like Twitter, Reddit, PitchInBox and Twubs (Live Twitter Feed) in the first few months to keep coding to a minimum. No need to reinvent the wheel and code from scratch.

Right now, I don't even care about collecting percentages. But later I want a site that can take 3 percent from each payment. Do you know how to do this?

I gave you admin status on the, if anyone else needs it, please ask. 

I like the websites you gave me, but I like Nova's site even more:

Can we use that code for a basic front end? I think Charles wrote it, right? I am not fussy about the look for the beta phase. Charles' coding looks great to me. I know just enough html to be able to rewrite text. 


Step Three

Build a very simple test page, showcasing 1-3 projects. 

Microflow can integrate with off the shelf technology as much as possible. For the Beta phase, we can use PitchInBoxes to let people fund, Youtube for videos etc. There's no need for heroic all night coding sessions. I want to save coders as much time as possible. 


Integration with Reddit and Twitter. 

- I want to integrate with Reddit and Twitter, especially Twitter, because this allows people to send Bitcoin using Changetip. It also allows the Microflow network to spill into other Reddit communities. A small tweak that could make a massive difference. A coder and I have already successfully sent BTC over Changetip. I want to show other people this is easy. 


I hope that is not too much for one email. I wanted to strike a balance between giving you the whole plan and not giving enough info. I have thought about this project for five years, and have many aspects of it already planned out in note form. I think we can just execute each part step by step. 

Please take your time and take a long term view. This is something that will get done eventually. There are no time frames, especially as you are a volunteer with a busy life.


For later:

There will be some extras:

- Integration with Bitcoin, this plugs us into a 3 billion dollar economy. 

- Large scale crowdfunding arm called Teraflow, where people can crowdfund much larger amounts, as long as they are focused on food, water, farming, nutrition and other basic needs.  

- Public Charity/Private Foundation status, which means people can write off donations against tax. This plugs us into a 300USD if not trillion dollar economy.

- Mirrors. People may set up mirrors as long as they follow a set of rules. So anyone can link onto the project and help themselves get on their feet. 


You can share this email with anyone you want. No need to copy me into every conversation. I will probably put this post up publicly. 

Please get back to me if you need any clarifications. 

Thanks for writing again. If you can't help out, you helped me get my thoughts on paper, so it's all good. 

Best Wishes,


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