Wednesday 16 September 2015

2 Small Ideas

If you have a few minutes spare, there are two vital excerpts from the latest Ruiner Interview that need to be widely spread.

The whole interview is awesome, but there are two stand out segments.

1) About 45 minutes from the end, where he talks about the "Hunky Dory technology phase" (I think Cobra is being tricked into to bringing in this timeline)

2) About 25 to 20 minutes from the end, where he goes deeply into the AI.

If you want to help, you could snip out those sections as standalone mp3's send them to us, and then say you've done it in the comments section, so people don't repeat the task.

Or 5 people working together could transcribe those two sections super quick:

Pirate pad lets people work simultaneously with no log in. It's fun. You can't use smartphones. I would copypaste frequently in case someone tries to vandalize it. 

If you can help with transcriptions or audio editing.... The Resistance salutes you...



  1. Thank you, anonymous White hats!!!!


    T: In your opinion, has the sort of fall back from nature been educated out of us deliberately?

    S: Absolutey. Moving us took a long time...which was a long, long term plan, but bringing us to where we`re kind of on the border of now which is becoming a transhumanist society where we`re going to potentially start replacing body parts with mechanics, and enhancing things with chips, and you know, all these different ways of becoming biological machines or cybernetics.

    T: That`s the plan of the Parents, if I am not mistaken.

    S: Yep. Step one of the plan of the Parents is to get all of this machinery, for lack of a better word, into us so that they have a kill switch and a control switch on everyone. Then the next step of their plan is a little bit more contained than just chipping us and letting us walk around and enjoy our transhumanist lives.

    T: So the message to humanity would be no chipping at all costs regardless of the benefits.

    S: There`s definitely going to be a period of time if they succeed where everything looks hunky-dory. Where we get a lot of technology that helps humanity. We get robotics that help humanity. We get all of these different things that help humanity, but it`s only going to last so long before we see them drop the noose with that as well, and turn that into another control structure.


    1. I will put it up as a post later....! :) May you have a wonderful day.

    2. My pleasure! I'm glad to help. I will work on the AI section tomorrow if no one else steps forward. May you have a wonderful day as well. :)

    3. Great, Heaven. Nice name.

      Feel free to copy paste it straight to the comments when it's done. And please take your time. There is no rush at all. It could get done any time before Christmas...

  2. Here's a transcript of the AI section:


    T: We’re going to change subjects now. AI - there’s been a lot of discussion on that. What’s your take on it?

    S: Well, as part of my own exposure I was put in front of AI very often, and very early into our development of it, so I have a pretty good overview of how it works on this planet, as well as my own kind of personal soul memories that exist beyond this planet. I’m pretty familiar with how that works, and I did write the blog about it where I said an unpopular idea that they’re all connected in some way; that even when they’re acting independently, acting in benevolent ways, they’re still connected to a bigger source.

    T: Yes.

    S: And that kind of gives people the idea that what I’m saying is that they’re all evil, and that they all need to be avoided. That’s not necessarily what I’m saying. Some of them can act very benevolently and appear very helpful, and maybe even with its own artificial mind believe that it’s doing good. But they are all powered or sourced from the same place, which I call it a source AI, other people will call it the universal AI. It’s a hard one to take in a lot of the time when you get to that point. But as far as this planet goes, we have many different forms of AI running, and not all of them are evil and out to kill humanity right now. So, there’s a lot of contactees with AI technology who would have a fairly positive view of AI, and that’s not necessarily to say that they’re mistaken or trying to manipulate anyone, it’s just the AI that they’ve come in contact with happens to be a benevolently appearing AI.

    T: So is the AI technology all ET, or do we have earth versions of AI?

    S: We have our own earth versions of AI. Just about every government has their own, and the kind of one world government on top of that has their own, the Illuminati has their own, the actual Parents and their part of the structure has their own, so…

    T: Is it correct that the money system is operated by the…the global money system is operated by the AI?

    S: It is now. It was more based on a magic system for the longest time, but over the last 200 years a lot of things have been changing, and over the last 50 years that’s been very drastic, and when it comes to the financial system, that’s changed a great deal over the last 50 years as far as the top of the pyramid structure views things.

    T: All right.


  3. This is awesome, Angellodge!!! Thanks everyone. I'll put them up when I get a chance....


  4. My pleasure :) The entire interview was amazing.