Wednesday 16 September 2015

Is Cobra unknowingly fronting for a One World Banking Collective?

The Cobra mystery.

He is so plausible sounding, so spiritually aware, but there is that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is wrong. It doesn't go away, no matter how much you try and rationalize it. 

3 Phases to Economic Control

1. The IMF brought austerity to Africa when they were on the verge of a slow post-colonial Renaissance.

2. The EU did the same to Europe. 

Remember 15 years ago when the controlled- press was cheerleading the EU happy family? 

Now look:

I was in Budapest station ten years ago this summer. Back then, Budapest was a thriving city. This is the EU family in 2015:

Now for the next phase:

Phase three, stomp on the Asian/BRICS Renaissance. 

The controllers: "They" have algorithms, and advanced technology, that can predict a possible positive economic breakout. 

There is a rising wave of consciousness coming. There are groups of people that incarnated to make a new financial platform for humanity. They are starting to wake up and perform their mission now. 

It is the job of Wilcock, Cobra et al to trick people into accepting a decoy NWO, shadow government. Cobra is sincere, he almost definitely doesn't know he is being used in this manner.


They have no chance of succeeding. But they are going to try. And that "trying" is slowing down the manifestation of the genuinely positive timeline that we could be living. 

There is abundant hope, but it lies in setting up thousands of crowdfunded economic platforms. Only then can genuine white hat money flow. 

Some infiltrators are embedded in the true liberation units, and trying to "skew the narrative". As the grid goes down, and we regain our true power, they will try and roll out a happy-happy cybernetic timeline. 

Technology and microchips for everyone! 

"They" have already lost substantial credibility, but not enough to force them to stop completely. Cobra is at least partially buying into this timeline. We would like to help him cease pushing this line. 

You can see how Cobra and his sources have no interest in the current farming Renaissance. Instead, he has conditioned his followers to meekly line up for Replicators. When will this technology come out? AFTER. When is AFTER? 


Back in reality, the grid is probably going this Fall, and we will experience substantially clearer thinking and control over our etheric higher selves.

It is our job to make a true financial system, linked with the benevolent subterranean banks, and avoid a Putin/China led NWO. "They" are failing fast, but we want them to fail even faster. 

Much of what you have read in Cobra's posts is true, but there is a deadly spin that is costing every single reader of this blog TIME. 

We attach various fake financial intel posts from Cobra's blog over the last few years. The picture should become clear as you read. Just ask yourself, when have David Wilcock and his gang ever tried to get a penny to anyone? Cobra has made some token efforts, but he is also not averse to making people pay through the nose for a New Age healing device, if he needs to.

When you are reading all these fancy posts about gold and SDR's, ask yourself:

If you were a benevolent institution wanting to get money to the streets, what is wrong with something as simple as Paypal, Kickstarter, and Amazon Payments? A small team of dedicated disbursers could disburse millions of dollars per hour, or even billions of dollars a day, to genuine humanitarian projects at street level, using simple, pre-existing digital infrastructure, that has been around for years. 

Why all the fancy talk about SDR's, which were an IMF invention? Oh wait, The IMF has been taken over by David Wilcock's White Hats, right?

The financial reset is also real, but various groups are trying to "ride the reset." 

We are being told to wait for IMF version 2.0. 

Waiting, baited and sedated. Waiting, baited and sedated. Waiting, baited and sedated. Waiting, baited and sedated


A Short Planetary Situation Update

The Eastern Alliance is making good progress, especially on the financial front, as the major global powers except the US join the new Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB):


AIIB will support infrastructure projects of global importance:
The Eastern Alliance will also unleash some much needed capital for a soft disclosure of advanced technologies:
The Eastern Alliance has set a target date of January 1st, 2016 as the day of the financial Reset:



Humanity doesn't need extra fast bullet trains, and big fancy infrastructure projects. What we need is healing, and an organic future timeline. The fact that your sources are totally disinterested, and know nothing about basic nutritional diseases, and urgent humanitarian projects, shows me that they are incompetent at best. 

We don't need "soft disclosure of healing technologies." we need to understand crippling nutritional deficiencies. Heart disease can be cured with Iodine, Vit C and other simple nutritional protocols. Instead, you are telling people to "Wait til after the Event." There is no emphasis on self discovery or self responsibility. AFTER, AFTER, AFTER. INTEL SAYS SOON.

Please stop spinning this globalist agitprop for the UFO crowd.  

Cobra, you are a sincere warrior, but you are being tricked into being a propagandist for a clique of secret bankers. The Ruiner's interview lays it all out.

If people fund this timeline, do not expect to meet with Agartha, Orion or the Pleiades any time soon. Putin does not want anyone getting off planet. 


  1. Very vital information here. So there was a lot of encouragement also recently for 'light workers' to purchase cintamani stones. Some were given for free in different parts of the world and there was an extensive survey carried out to see who would get the few free ones. The questions were along the lines of how often people were doing the planetary liberation meditation etc. I am very keen to hear what your response is to it. Many thanks and thank you for your work.

    1. Right now I can make no comment on the Chintamani project. I believe some of the funders may be sincere, but I was not consulted about the initiative.

      The Agartha Network believes the Chintamani stone is a metaphor for the power than lies deep in the heart of mankind. The jeweled chakras...

    2. Thanks. Yes, there are many sincere people in this. I'll feel into this more deeply myself.

    3. You can make your own power stone for 2 dollars, by buying some onyx and then playing mantras into it for a few days. I would prefer to go this route.

      If I had been consulted, I would have suggested something like this, plus a tree planting initiative for a hungry planet. But each to their own... It's a free will universe.

  2. Thank you for another eye-opening and mind-expanding post !

    1. Pleasure. Thanks for helping me reach more people.

  3. Maybe Cobra could use some inspiration:



    I intend a world where:

    Universal Law is the only Law, with Love as it's presiding principle and energy.

    The Planetary Body, Gaia~Sophia, is Free to evolve along Her chosen multi-dimensional timeline, in accordance with Universal Law.

    Interplanetary and interdimensional travel and exchange is freely & safely available to all, as the Earth and her inhabitants ascend into Galactic Citizenry.

    Contact, communication and communion with exiled Space and Soul family is freely and widely available to all, as they choose.

    The Land has been restored to it's Divine Blueprint of Beauty, Abundance & Balance, with pristine bodies of water, healthy, fertile soil and pure air. Fire remains in it's uncorrupted natural state.

    All forces of Nature operate according to Natural Law & Equilibrium and the principle of Ahimsa, “Do No Harm”.

    All living inhabitants and inanimate consciousnesses are Free, Sovereign, Self-governing entities and actively co-creating their Highest Destiny, in accordance with their Divine Blueprint, Divine Purpose and Highest Potential.

    Harmony between all species is restored and respect and cooperation exists between all kingdoms and races: human, animal, plant and mineral as well as the Angelic and Devic kingdoms.

    Peace reigns across the Land with open borders which allow the ability to travel safely and freely, at will and/or according to pleasure.

    All inhabitants are free to participate in cooperative interchanges between cultures, tribes, races, groups and individuals.

    Each being is centered in their Heart, connected to the One, the Goddess, their I AM Presence and all living beings.

    All personal will has been transmuted to Divine Will.

    All minds are Inspired and Illumined by their Higher Mind, the I AM Presence and Divine Will.

    All imperfections and illusions have been transmuted to Divine Will Expressions.

    All physical, emotional, and mental and spiritual suffering has been healed and transformed into Compassionate Wisdom.

    Christ Consciousness is manifest within the Hearts and Minds of all planetary beings.

    Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine principles have been restored, united and harmonized in balance.

    The principles of Purity, Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Gratitude, Humility and Compassion are manifest in all beings and forms.

    All Wisdom of the Universe, including Planetary and Galactic History is freely available to all who wish to access it, through the Akashic Records or other instruments.

    All DNA strands have been activated to their fullest potential with Grace, Harmony and Wisdom and Ease.

    All Beings have full recollection and memory of past, future and multidimensional lifetimes, as they choose.

    All Beings are free to celebrate their Divinity through their chosen medium.

    All Beings are Divinely guided and mentored, as they choose.

    There is an open and allowing acceptance of all belief systems.

    All Beings are Free to pursue their Heart's Desire, with every abundance available in the Universe.

    All creations of form have been impulsed and intended from the Higher Dimensional Planes and manifest in Love for the Highest Good of All.

    All Art, Music and Science reflect the sacred geometric principles of creation, in harmony with Natural Law.

    An abundant supply of pure nourishing food & water exists and is available to all inhabitants.

    Sexuality has been restored to it's sacred form and function, as well as it's healthy expression between consensual loving beings.

    An egalitarian societal & cultural structure exists which includes all races, genders & ages.

    1. Awesome! Keep intending. Keep writing. Chemtrails are still weaker in our area. I have only seen 1 or 2 days of them in the last 2 weeks. Your intentions are very powerful, and together we are going to break this damn.

  4. Holy cow, or unholy cobra... wow, this resonates with me and feels full of light and truth. come to think of it i have never felt really all that empowered after reading a cobra post. And never really got much from david infomercial wilcock for that matter. What does it really matter to humanity struggling to make it about the secret f...king moon bases???? Bravo to you Untwine (?) for speaking up.

    1. It's not Untwine, PeterPan. It's Contact Point/Daozen. Untwine is a major Cobra cheerleader. He threw a big flounce over me not toeing the Daddy Putin Brother Wilcock party line. Lots of backstabbing in that community.

      I know the feeling, it's like waking up out of an uneasy dream, right?

      Are you looking forward to Pan coming out in October? That film is about the Agarthan Air Cities.

      Moon bases? That's where it gets subtle. There IS a big AI on the moon (see the Truman Show) but it is US, our collective that is subsuming it in our loving, organic thoughtform. Cobra's day to day intel on this is more or less correct, but his sources are spinning it to make it seem like an external forces are helping, when it is in fact mainly down to our higher selves. We are living on more than one timetrack. The etheric plane is the right hemisphere, and pure sci-fi. But it's real.

      There may be benevolent ETs, but WE are driving this matrix, and intending *our* dream.

      But Cobra, unfortunately, doesn't train people to dissolve the matrix, and he has turned large parts of his audience into a nest of clapping seals on the ground, acting like hostages when they are in fact, warriors. "Yayyy, GO RM... WOOOO. Go light forces!"


      A little bit of gratitude is good, but it is us that are doing the work. We are the Resistance, FFS.

      Try the Ruiner's interview, if you haven't listened.

      And thanks for the foundation research, it will come in useful one day.

      Best Wishes

  5. You mentioned using paypal and I quote, "pre-existing digital infrastructure..." This sounds no different than the banks who are trying for us all to go cashless. No thanks. Crowd funding? They tried that with the QEG and I don't see the results from that. Always relying on donations, same as charities. I have the solution though, we can empower ourselves and each other through the technology knowledge that Mr Keshe, an Iranian nuclear physicist is giving for FREE. The beauty is that we all get involved and the technology costs pennies or a few pound at most. Mr Keshe's philosophy is "don't give a man a fish, teach him to fish."

    His technology is simple yet effective and doesn't cost the earth. There are a whole host of videos to watch, yes they are long but you need to wrap your head around the different uses of plasma. The classes are done in English, in layman's terms so no fancy physics mathematical calculations and materials are readily available.

    The various uses for plasma are for agriculture, to actually create water from thin air!, healing pens (that remove bodily pain), healing patches, free energy for your home and car and the Keshe foundation has just started promoting making a UFO from plasma, no nuts and bolts required.

    That's a helluva lot to get your head around and many knowledge seekers are using the info from the videos to get to work and have already had success in some areas. The projects are all ongoing and everyone is encouraged to experiment. Soon, with the type of tech that will be out there it will make money obsolete anyway! Here's a link to the foundation. For knowledge seekers workshops go to youtube.

    Let us be the solution to the problems rather than seeing who is telling the truth, we do not need to be divided. We all should be working together as we want the same things or we wouldn't be reading these type of blogs. :)


      That's the Keshe foundation youtube channel. Some videos might be missing as they were recently targeted over copyright issues but any missing videos will be edited and put back up. (It will take time though as there are 79 workshops just on one section alone.) There are health workshops, kids workshops, workshops in Spanish I think I saw. Most are in English. I forgot to mention the plasma technology has literally millions of uses and what I've listed above is a partial list.

  6. Hi Kate,

    It's not a cashless society. It's just transferring money across digital wires. After that, it can come out as paper cash at the ATM.

    If more money flowed through crowdfunding, people would be able to implement their personal dreams much better.

    Keshe talks a lot but I have yet to hear him deliver a working prototype, schematic, or how to guide. After 2-3 years of talking, he should be there now.

    We do not want the same thing. The AIIB is centralized banking, from the same crowd who brought Europe to it's knees.

    But they will fail, so no worries.

  7. It seems you want to help humanity but not really look into what I have suggested? Apart from donations how do you think things will move on. Do you have any practical suggestions? Creating water out of thin air, which one of the knowledge seekers actually did is one area I thought you might be interested in. As explained Mr Keshe will not show anything (although he will be providing free energy to those countries in need first) he guides people and as they say the proof is in the pudding. I think you said it yourself that you won't provide proof of that which you speak and yet others have actually verified Keshe's technology. (In fact the USA scientists recently confirmed in their papers that Keshe's technology is correct.) Like I said the workshops are not hard to find and any lay person can do this.

  8. I think you are twisting and mixing up a lot of things here Kate.

    I won't talk about the subterranean legal situation, everything else is public domain.

    There are currently 500 million people lighting their homes with Kerosene. Can the Keshe community provide a working prototype, and an open source how to guide on how to build a simple light bulb using his technology?

    Likewise, for water?

    If he can do that, I'm very interested.


  9. It's not bad vs bad. It's bad vs bad vs good. There are MANY visible positive forces on Earth. Most of them are on Kickstarter and similar communities.

    There are many good things going on, but the outgoing regime is just trying to make a dragnet for people's energies.

    I agree Zero hedge and other blogs are read by very few people. However, in the communities that read them, there are some powerful souls who have a big influence over the timeline. The propaganda is aimed at them... The info war in the alt media is the "battle in the throne room." so to speak...

  10. Contact Point, I haven't watched all the Keshe videos and there are a lot (79 just in one section alone, averaging 3 + hours.) They are going to catalogue the videos which will take time as they are collating info and topics for each video. If I hear anything I will let you know. The one with the guy creating water out of thin air was one of the more recent ones, unfortunately I can't recall which one.

    In the meantime, as if by magic! an article did appear that is exactly what you are looking for regarding lighting people's homes. It's not yet available but it's another promising technology, very simple and should be inexpensive.

    "This Lamp Burns All Night Powered By Nothing More Than Salt Water"

    Any more info about lighting or water I will send it your way.

  11. I appreciate that Kate. As we are working in multiple fields, and don't have much free research time, our self-imposed rule for energy devices is: "It has to be commercially available, or have a how to/schematic." - This saves time sorting through all kinds of devices that never make it to the marketplace.

    Working from a galvanic cell looks promising. If you find something that is for sale, for cheap, I would like to put it on the blog.