Tuesday 15 September 2015

Bilocation Techniques Introduction

We wish to share with everyone a series of bilocation techniques from our friend and new contributor Ariana!  Hoping that it will inspire new as well as experienced bilocators as much as it did us.  Enjoy your journey and discover your infinite Self!

Bilocation – A personal experience
By Vera “Ariana” Le Doux

In these articles I will share my experience with bilocation on personal, group and community/city level. According to Juliano (An Arcturian commander), it is possible to bilocate a planet as well.

There are many documented stories of bilocation. While the Essenes and the yogis from the Far East were able to bilocate and actually manifest a duplica of their physical bodes and function in the area they bilocated to, for me – at this point of time, shortly before the arrival of the infamous Galactic Wave - the bilocation feels as etheric/astral travel.

Before we go any further - keep in mind – these are my own personal experiences, take what resonates, leave the rest!

These are the topics I will discuss in this and following articles:
  1. Traveling up the corridor of light
  2. Walking across the bridge
  3. Shimmering
  4. Thought projection

Note from Daozen: 

How to Invert any Astral Projection Technique 

These are very interesting meditations. If you wanted to make them more powerful, you could "invert/mirror them" and make (for example) a bridge deep inside to the inner realms of the heart, or a corridor of light into the internal chakras. If you do this, you can avoid the astral traps, which can interfere with some external astral meditations. Some astral realms are trap layers that can drag people off target during OBE/bilocation meditations. We avoid those potential pitfalls by projecting inwardly through the stargate in the heart, giving increased safety. 

For example, if you wanted to project to a Starship, you could project straight up through the astral, OR go internally and visit through the wormhole in the heart, or any other chakra. I prefer inner techniques, and recommend them for anyone just starting out. The natural high vibration of the inner heart acts as a filter for unwanted energies. 

So as you are reading these, remember you always have the option to invert them, and increase their potency....


1. Traveling up the corridor of light

This is the recommended form of bilocation for beginners. You go into meditation, choose a place you wish to visit and open a corridor of light simply by intention or by asking your guides to open it for you. It is an energy field and interdimensional space. You will be spiraling up, raising your vibration, traveling up the dimensions. The intention is to match the frequency of the place you are going to, you have to trust your very own guidance and stop at the point that feels right and then step through to the other side.

My favorite place to visit is the Arcturian Starship Athena. Visualize stepping through the corridor into a hall with individual healing rooms on both sides.

Whenever I feel I need to recharge or to do some healing on myself, I go to my very own healing room, where I lay down on the table and let my Arcturian healing team work on me. After you come here a few times by traveling up the corridor, you will automatically bilocate here whenever you desire by simply thinking it, and that’s what we call thought projection.

On the way back you step into the corridor and travel down, intending a perfect alignment with your body. This is an important part of bilocation. While you are out of body the body is shifting…. The travel through the corridor is good whenever you go somewhere with intention to heal the body/to bring it into alignment with the Creator which you are. The return is a journey, not just a thought and this gives the body opportunity to integrate the healing/alignment.

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