Tuesday 15 September 2015

Cobra Offer Withdrawn

After consideration, we have decided to withdraw the Cobra readers offer, as we feel his project, while partly based on truth, is an attempt to install a centralized banking regime based in the East. 

We do not think he represents the true voice of the subterranean. 

More later...


  1. Slightly odd - when, if I understand aright - some of us paid up front for subsequent 'free articles'. Thought they were of dubious value to be fair.

  2. Just saw this. If you bought the book, you had 2-300 pages of PDFs sent to you. If you bought the lifetime subscription, you had a few extras sent to you, including translations of the book. Anyone can ask for a no questions refund at any time.

    I clicked your profile, and I see you like Galactic Federation material and Blossom Goodchild chanellings:


    If this is your thing, I doubt you would resonate with our writing.

    If you want a refund, just email me... Thank you.