Wednesday 16 September 2015

The Ruiner. First interview with Thomas Williams. Highly Recommended.

Just listened to the first two hours. Amazing. One of the best exo-political interviews ever. Highly intelligent questions, well organised, good atmosphere. 

This interview should be required listening for any researcher, as it effectively debugs and de-brainwashes all of us from over a decade of misdirection and disinformation. The range of topics covered is vast. This interview will drive the fake-intel-New-Age-banking-propagandist brigade insane with confusion and anger!

Thomas Williams is a great interviewer, the Cosmic Voice listeners ask good questions.  

Finally, some truth in a barren landscape. 

Thanks to Blogtalk radio, and 
Paul, hard working admin of Project Avalon, for hosting the downloads:


Paul of Avalon:

It is now available for download from (click on the 3 little balloons, right side, near top, just below the words "Log in".)

I have also placed a copy at


Daozen: If anyone wants to group-type a partial transcript, I made a piratepad here. Up to 8 people can work simultaneously.

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