Wednesday 30 September 2015

Wanted: Volunteer Web Programmer for Micro-Crowdfunding Site

Work on our financial liberation project continues:

We have made a start, but progress is slow, as we are all busy on other projects. The portal will be for crowdfunding in the 100USD and *below* range. 

If it hits critical mass, Micro-crowdfunding will eventually flip the world economy on it's head 

Right now, 4-6 billion people could directly benefit from a portal that would help them get on the crowdfunding ladder.

We are looking for someone who can help out on a task by task basis. We will try and divide web-tasks into small 10-20 minute chunks to work around people's time. I am good at giving bullet pointed feedback, and telling people what I would like to happen next.  

90 per cent of web design is fiddly tasks that need to be executed one by one. If you are detail oriented and patient, you may enjoy this project.

By dividing the project into micro-tasks, I can fit in with people's schedule, and make lists of jobs that people can do.

We also need people who can write succinctly and clearly, focus on the task, and just get on with the minutiae of getting a website running, without any egotism, politicking, control issues, flaking and other time wasting games. If you avoid these issues, collaborating on Microflow should be fun.

You need to be able to figure out Nationbuilder software, which is not too hard to use. If you can work blogspot, Nationbuilder is maybe twice as difficult.

Showing an example of your work might help, but it's not essential.

Right now, we have no spare funds to pay anyone, so don't quit your day job. Later, we will showcase to Bitcoin and other financial liberation communities.

If you can help, write to

Thanks for reading..

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