Thursday 1 October 2015

Fake vs Real Divine Feminine

Surely all of these dark groups are patriarchal. But they are splintered into different groups which are fighting against each other for power and domination of humanity and earth.

The Cabal groups known as the Vatican, the queen, the Illuminati, the Black nobility ... obviously dominators and patriarchal, are one group. They currently have - or better, have had up until now - the domination of Humanity and Earth.

But there are still two other dark groups which pursue - or now have pursued - the domination of Earth and Humanity. They are working together for the same goal - Artificial Intelligence.
One group is the dark secret societies, which are all very nebulously linked to one another so as not to be discovered.

They are mostly invisible to the public under the cloak of Esoteric and false spirituality (such as around Rennes-le-Château known as Prior de Sion, which are branching out in vast subgroups.)

In the public they appear as very civilized, and highly spiritual as they have enormous knowledge about these area. They are working with structures like the Mafia so they have infiltrated everything: (government, public organisations ....all Lightworker groups)

They are striving for power (universal power) and have recognized that they only get this power via the Divine Feminine. They appear as they would be venerating the Divine Feminine. However in reality they are successfully deluding people, in order to connect and get the Divine Feminine power in the form of free will, in an absolute distortion of free will.

They are trying to heist the Ancient Holy Knowledge and the Divine Feminine Power for abusing it for their purpose of Artificial Intelligence.

For this they are trying to create an Illusion (!!!) of a New Renaissance in abusing and distortion of high spiritual power.

And then there is the group more or less obviously linked to the Nazis, they are trying to abuse for example vril or the magic of Untersberg......The Vril Woman ...... All they do they do for the same purpose as the dark secret societies: Artificial Intelligence

The Nazi groups and these dark secret societies are working together, they have had the same goal, to overcome the Earth dominating cabal group to take the Earth and Humanity in their possession. They are working with occultism/black magic, high developed techniques, sexual magic.

But now it's GAME OVER !!! HOORAY !!!


  1. This is an illuminating explanation of how the 'powers that were' are struggling for control.

    However, it's too late in the 'Game'. The real Light Forces have Tipped the Point.

    Thank You Angela Schmidt and Contact Point !

  2. This is from Lisa Renée and appropriate information as well:

    The Luciferian Attributes and Impostor Spirit Qualities (STS)

    Cloaks itself within the authority of False Father God archetypes to manipulate though domination and control while shapeshifting its outward appearance in both physical genders.

    Siphons spiritual light and rapes the Mother's Holy Spirit through the feminine principle with Vengeance and Self-righteousness, while propping up a false spiritual parent of the Mother to the masses.

    Through False Parent Archetypes it can only use the Negative Ego constructs to produce false spiritual light for its creations.

    False Light is temporary and has to be consistently replenished through stealing or vampirizing from others inner resources of Light, primarily covets the Mothers Holy Spirit therefore misogynistic.

    Has hatred and disdain for the power of the Mother's spiritual principle and resents and blames her Son, Christos for his position, therefore has crucified him/her.

    Has a superior, hierarchal and elitist mental body belief system that tricks it to believe its position or ability is higher than it really is; self-entitled.

    Deception, manipulation and vampirism of others are its theme to survive within promoting chaos, confusion and ambiguity.

    Self-aggrandizement of personal leadership role through its negative ego compels it to abuse power and authority believing the innocent are stupid to be led deceptively and controlled.

    Promotes false hierarchy for domination and control through promotion of hive mind mentality. (Hive mind is carry out group orders and do not question authority)

    Becomes hostile and violent when its authority or power is questioned.Uses inner and outer violence to promote its agenda and will sacrifice others easily for its own selfish motivations.

    Skillful to use manipulation techniques to avoid transparency, accountability to actions which is to continually deceive others through a divide and conquer strategy.

    Uses biblical deception and salvation models to promote seed fears of Armageddon software and Victim/Victimizer archetypes to target any development of unity consciousness including attacking and destroying human values for achieving unconditional love and peace.

    Steals access to paranormal ability or supraluminal intelligence in order to use astral glamour as the way to pretend or provide proof to the enslaved human in the display of its "superior" intelligence and authority of those who serve the Luciferian False Light System

    ***(This is the razzle and dazzle to create followers of the false light systems.)

    This way the person who is "astral hypnotized" does not realize the same Luciferian spirit in that person feeding the astral glamour is actually being used as their spiritual jailer and prison warden. This creates a reliance and dependency on the very thing that enslaves the person in the false light which traps them without evolutionary possibility continued in the afterlife.

  3. Thanks Anya, I have been travelling a lot recently so not much time to respond. Take Care

  4. Lisa Renée is right. That pretty much describes a lot of gurus out there.